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Krantikaari ( क्रांतिकारी )

ये बात सच हैं कि नरेंद्र मोदी को प्रधान मंत्री बनवाने के लिये समुचे देश कि जनता ने एक मन बना कर मतदान किया लेकिन ये भी हकीकत हैं कि इनमें वे लोग काफी कम ही होंगे जीन्होने देश पर आरही आफत को आंकलन कर मोदी को समर्थन दिया हैं अधीकतर वे लोग हैं जिन्होने खुद पर आती आफत जैसे महंगाई, समाजीक अपराध और भ्रष्टाचार जैसी समस्याऔ से तंग आकर मोदी को समर्थन दिया हैं|

नरेंद्र मोदी की इतनी बडी जीत का मतलब तो साफ हैं की चाहे परेशानी का कारण चाहे भ्रष्टाचार हो या समाजीक उत्पीडन या देशहित का मुद्दा… सभी के विश्वास का केंद्रबींदु एक मात्र नरेंद्र मोदी के नाम पर आकर ही मील रहा था|

जाहिर हैं कि इस वजह से सभी के लिये “अच्छे दिन” का अपना ही मतलब होगा और आपकी यही समझ आपकी समझदारी का आईना भी हैं|

जिनकी सोच मात्र उसकी अपनी महंगाई…

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Om Gan Ganapataye Namah…. Ganesh Chaturthi 2014 in snapshots

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah....

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah….

ll Om Ganeshaya Namah ll

ll Om Ganeshaya Namah ll

Shree Dagdu Sheth Halwai Ganapati

Shree Dagdu Sheth Halwai Ganapati

ll Shree Ganeshaya Namaha ll

ll Shree Ganeshaya Namaha ll

Ganapati swagat

Ganapati swagat

Decorations for our प्रिय बाप्पा

Floral Elephant

Floral Elephant

Decoration of Dagdusheth Ganapati

Decoration of Dagdusheth Ganapati

Deco 3 Deco 5 Deco 4 Deco 11 Deco 10 Deco 9 Deco 8 Deco 7 Deco 6






Ramani's blog

There are some astonishing Temples in India where the Sun‘s Rays touch the Deity in the Sanctum on specific days or a certain period of Time in a day or the shadow of the God falls  though out the day.

SuraikayurSurya Bathing Shiva with His Rays.

Arasavilli Temple Srikakulam Andhra on Suryanarayana Swamy (Sun )

Kolhapur Mahlakshmi Temple on the Face of Mahalakshmi, Three days at Dusk.

And there are many in Tamil Nadu as well, Vaitheeswaran Koil,Nageswarar Koil(Mayuram) Thayumanavar Koil(Tiruchi) to cite a few.

I have posted on Keezhsuryamoolai Temple where the shadow of the Lord falls throughout the day.

There is another temple, which is not well-known a Siva Vishnu Kshetra  where the Suns’ rays fall on the idol of Lord Shiva on the 11 to 13 Avani Month -August 15 to September 15).

This is Suraikayur is 24 Km from Kumbakonam.

Scroll down for Video.

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The Hindu perspective

rishMany Hindus are vegetarian. This is often an expression of faith or outlook towards life. A vegetarian diet may offer several important health advantages. However there have been concerns about whether vegetarians get enough protein. This is even more so for individuals who weight train or participate in other kinds of intense training, because protein requirements are raised in such individuals. However with a bit of know how about protein sources, there is no reason why a vegetarian can’t get enough protein to build an impressive physique. Knowledge is the key.

Protein is of course the key building block to many of the body’s tissues, including muscle. Protein is composed of different amino acids. Out of these eight are termed ‘essential amino acids’. It is vital that the dietary protein contains plenty of these. The problem is that while most animal sources of dietary protein contain all of the essential…

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Excellent Article! Wake up!! Quotes from article :
“Unfortunately, it is often the translations of such European scholars which form some of the most readily available collections on Hindu scriptures. Examples of such translators include Max Muller, Ralph Griffith, Monier William and H. H. Wilson.

Although they played a role in the pursuit of English translations of Sanksrit works, they were relatively new to Sanskrit and without a background in the ideas of the Vedic era, for them to set out to translate the large and complex works of the Vedic age is an exercise bound to fail. It is comparable to a person trying to interpret a physics paper without a grounding in the basic concepts, but just having learnt the language.

Better English translations of Hindu scriptures have been written by Hindu yogis and scholars, such as Sri Aurobindo, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Swami Chinmayananda, amongst others. “

The Hindu perspective

hinduism Most Hindus living in a predominantly English speaking environment have an urge at one point in their lives to learn about Hinduism. Sometimes the curiosity arises from a genuine desire for guidance in life. In other cases the urge to look into Hinduism comes from a particular incident – for example being asked questions that we’re not able to answer. There may be any number of different starting points to an individual’s quest.

So how does such a person go about studying Hinduism? One of the seemingly obvious things to do would be to obtain an English translation of some of the major Hindu shastras (sacred texts) and read them. And this is what quite a few people attempt to do, perhaps from a library, bookshop, or an old copy lying around at home.

Reading the Hindu shastras would seem like a sensible thing to do for someone wanting to…

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Farmer Scientists of India

Are they farmers? OR Scientists? Or Both??


Muni Seva Ashram (MSA) in Gujrat, India is one of its kind. It boasts of lots of firsts!

  • Solar power plant – Provides electricity and lighting to the 400 residential students in its school
  • Combination of bio-gas plants and solar dishes for cooking – Ashram kitchens feed around 1200
  • Solar Steam Generating System generates steam to run world’s first and largest commercially executed Solar Air Conditioning System using Scheffler Concentrators
  • Cow-dung is used as fuel for a large scale Bio-Gas plant – Bio-gas is used as fuel in the Atithi Mandir kitchen and also as fuel for a mini truck used by the ashram .The slurry which is vermi-composted and used as organic fertilizer in ashram farms.
  • World’s First and only “Solar Crematorium”
  • Solar Water heater
  • Solar-LED based street lighting

For more details, read this article by Urvish Dave

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A sample of how Vedic Mathematics is magical!!


Online course for learning Vedic Mathematics






003 (2) THE THREE GUNAS (Part 2)

by Yoga with Subhash

The Bhagavad Gita presents an extensive coverage of the three gunas. Chapter 14 is entirely devoted to the discussion on the gunas. Many of the finer points of the gunas are brought out again in chapter 18. Of course, elsewhere also in the Gita, gunas are discussed, where applicable, in many other chapters.

At any given time, one of the three gunas is dominant while the other two play a subservient role. In fact, gunas compete against each other, vying for supremacy. When sattva is dominant, the light of intelligence shines through all the senses and sense organs (BG 14.11). When Rajas is dominant, greed and the striving for selfish activities would appear (14.12). With the dominance of tamas come darkness, inactivity, recklessness and delusion (14.13).

We must remind ourselves that the purpose of such a detailed discussion on the…

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Detailed description of What is “Guna”


003 (2)THE THREE GUNAS (Part I)

by Yoga with Subhash

Ever wonder why we seem to have mood shifts from moment to moment? You may be sitting in a very peaceful state of mind, maybe reading a nice book, and suddenly the thought of some event from the past can throw you into an agitated state of mind. There is constant change going on in our minds. All such random fluctuations of the mind are attributed to the play of the three gunas. The gunas represent a central theme in the various philosophies contained in the ancient Hindu scriptures, like Samkhya, Patanjanli’s Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads.

What are the Gunas?

The Sanskrit word ‘guna’, in common usage, means quality or property. It also means a string or a rope. In the latter sense, it may mean something that binds and ties. In the ancient Hindu scriptures the three…

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